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When I close my eyes

You haunt my oblivion;

Your non-residence in my life –

A nightmare to live by.

How our galaxies collided,

I’m dumbfounded.

Yet I melt each passing day

With acidic tears.

Sad to say,

I’m down in the river

but unable to drown.






Freedom- a much sought after seven letter-word!
How on that perilous day, I lost it to your sword?
Hands and feet clenched to chains and forward, dragged,
Just like to your cabalistic comrades you had bragged.

How had I become a loot?
How had I lost my root?
To a strange land I journeyed;
To my wounds you paid no need.

Casting back red, teary sockets, my home was engulfed in flames.
My warriors bow heads as a sign they’ve shamed our names.
They fought hard but we lost our freedom
Now we’re north bound to a strange kingdom.

From cockcrow to sunset, we slave
We dug the earth’s crust to a cave
Flies and hunger; our lots
Our children sleep no longer on cots

Orphaned and helpless we watch them suffer
Their skin scaly and tougher
I wish to weep for their young fears,
But for them, a smile my face wears.

I await for the uproar of the cold black seas
Yes, they would be announced by the South breezes
I await the fragments of our forlorn fighters
The day their beacons shall be ablaze with fires

That day, we shall war to gore
And drink to our victory like a whore
Till then, I’ll await the day of salvation
For this fate shall not be our damnation



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I sight you
at the highrise
in your little balcony
from whence you
steal the morning air.
I inhale a breathful
sight of your form
and watch you
run your fingers
in a spiral
in your coffee cup
And I know I want you
and I want your
coffee fingers in my mouth



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Black bird

I don’t wanna be called so anymore

I know I’m black but just call me a bird

I’ll fly with my broken wing

And I’ll not only sing into the deep of the night

I’m done with the pain and loneliness

The world will learn to hold me

Soon enough, you’ll see

And I’ll learn to love and care

I’ll transcend beyond these thresholds

I’ll wear strength and wield courage

I’ll put on insane courage and

an embarrassing bravery

And then I’ll be known as a BRAVE BIRD


Inspired by Nina Simone’s “Blackbird”